GAPO® for waste Disposal

GAPO®, a new way to handle garbage disposal


A brand new machine for waste disposal

Waste management always needs improvement and innovation. Among the many trash container movers, GAPO® offers a great balance between agility and power.

Thanks to its compact size, GAPO® can operate without any problem in narrow spaces to approach and move any kind of load. With GAPO®, waste disposal becomes faster so that you can reach your goals with no effort and saving time.

Waste disposal

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Power and grip on any ground

The two driving wheels and the balanced axle grant the best grip on any ground. You can drive GAPO® on bumpy dirt roads, in the mud or on harsh terrain, always with the maximum grip.

A road-holding ability that comes in handy in many different situations. Use GAPO® as a heavy duty garbage cart to collect debris from construction sites, or as a trash container mover in a dumpster.

Movimentazione e kit aggancio container navali

GAPO®, safe and remote waste deposit machinery

Dirt and unpleasant smell are two of the main problems in the waste management business. Garbage carts can spill sewer with toxic smoke, and create an unsafe and unhealthy working space. Thanks to its remote control system, GAPO® can load and move the waste cart while you step aside, so you will not take any risk during the operation.

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