GAPO® for logistics

Your new and safe heavy-duty trailer mover


GAPO® – Moving trailer in a faster and easier way

Organizing your storage room is the first step to handling goods and shippings in the right way.

Moving trailers in the narrow alleys of a warehouse can be challenging. The operations require lots of attention, time and effort just to avoid accidents and damage to the goods.

GAPO® introduces a brand new handling system.

With our motorised trailer mover, you will not need a truck to move containers. The remote-controlled trailer mover can easily perform agile operations in small areas with no effort.

GAPO® is the smart machine that allows you to save time and money in your warehouse.


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From building sites to logistics

GAPO® was born as an innovation for crane placement in building sites. It took us just a few months to understand that its incredible power and flexibility could be useful in many other fields, especially logistics.

Its small size and impressive load capacity make it the perfect motorized trailer mover, way better than an electric trailer mover when you need to optimize time and effort.

Your safe remote-controlled trailer mover

GAPO® is equipped with a remote control system to drive the machine from a safe distance without getting too close to the operating space. Our research and development staff spent a great effort on this feature.

The remote control guidance brings to zero the risk of accidents for people operating the machine. Once you hook the semi-trailer to the mover, one worker will be enough to get the job done, saving time and money.

Why GAPO® is the perfect semi-trailer mover for you


The small size makes GAPO® a high-performing remote-controlled trailer mover that can operate in narrow spaces with a great turning angle.


Choose your GAPO® among 4 different models to get the best performance for your tasks. Each version of the trailer mover comes with a very powerful engine to easily move any kind of load.


Workplace safety must always be the number one priority. With GAPO® trailer mover your crew will not take any risk during operations.

Managing shipyards withGAPO®

Power, agility and safety make GAPO® the best heavy-duty trailer mover in shipyards.
Drive your trailer mover from a safe distance to arrange loadings and unloadings in a safe and fast way.

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GAPO® for your logistic

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    GAPO® for logistics

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