The “GAPO” is an innovative machine that was developed through the experience of the Gavarini Group, a company that has worked in the cranes and construction industry for over 50 years.

This machine revolutionizes the way in which industrial hoists and cranes. We believe it holds the key to the future and is what has been missing to make static loads such as containers, trailers etc more versatile, independent and above all safe.

The difficulties that arise with the moving and positioning of static loads often means that it is necessary to improperly use excavators, forklifts, tractors and wheeled loaders in a manner for which they were not intended. This can often lead to putting operators in danger.

Thanks to these features the machine has successfully established itself in the construction industry and is expanding its uses within the world of recycling and waste disposal. A versatile but powerfully compact machine, that is agile and easy to maneuver using a remote control unit with a 180° turning circle and an oscillating axel, which allows maximum grip on uneven terrain and difficult slopes.

The Model GA10, working together with the more powerful GA16, the GA10 has a torque rating of 10,000Nm, which is sufficient to move 20 tons. More useful is that fact that this can be accomplished with a single operator using a remote control (saving on labour), to hook and move at a safe distance.

And so much more...