GAPO® for construction

Easy, fast and innovative crane placement machine


The innovation in crane placement, based on experience

We know the construction business very well. We spent years on building sites, collecting many different insights that were useful to develop brand new solutions to improve job quality and reach our goals more efficiently. Crane movement has always been an issue in construction jobs. It is a task that requires maximum effort, with slow and steady operations to avoid any accidents. GAPO® is the ATV crane mover that brings a true revolution in the field.

Move cranes and machinery from a safe distance

Thanks to its compact size and great power, GAPO® can move cranes even in narrow spaces. With the remote control system, you can safely operate in any building site to place the crane without getting too close to the area. There are many other pros in this agile and small machine. For example, you will need just one person to operate the crane mover, saving time and budget.


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Safety first

With GAPO® you can safely take care of all the stages of crane placement in building sites – loading, unloading, moving and placement – and avoid using inadequate means that can cause accidents to your crew and equipment.

GAPO® e gru Potain

Customize GAPO® for your tasks

GAPO® can perform many different tasks other than crane placement. Perfect for logistics and waste disposal, our remote-controlled crane trailer comes in handy also to move any kind of machinery on the construction site.

You will just have to choose the best fixing flange for your task from our inventory to customize your GAPO® and fulfill your goals.

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    GAPO® for construction

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