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GAPO®: moving machinery towards the future

GAPO® comes from the experience of Gavarini’s group, a company with over 60 years of history in the field of cranes and working machines. Working in the construction business for all these years gave us direct knowledge of the field work and pushed us to find new ways to make the building sites safer and more efficient.

We designed GAPO® to address the need for more safety when carrying machinery in the working areas, with a powerful and agile machine to handle cranes. Our studies and our 60-years-long experience on the field led us to a self-propelled, small-sized device able to move in narrow spaces and on any ground. To offer even more protection to the many people who work every day to arrange the building sites, we developed a guidance system that allows a single worker to remotely control the machine, cutting down the risk of accidents.

After running a few tests we understood that GAPO® could easily perform many more tasks other than crane placement. Thanks to our research and development team, we studied new fixing systems to move other machinery, containers and trailers. Conceived for construction, our motorized trailer dolly is a great asset for logistics, waste disposal, and to move containers for trucks and cargoes. Our next step? Keep on improving GAPO® and expand its possibilities in many other businesses.

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All the benefits of GAPO®


The remote control system reduces the risk of accidents while handling heavy loads, and the construction sites become less dangerous.


Available in 4 different models and with a wide selection of extras, GAPO® fits any construction site and any moving job.


Strong and steady on any ground, even when fully loaded.


With GAPO® you just need a few easy steps to reach your goals. The perfect way to safely reduce costs and working time.

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GAPO® in action

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